Website: District 8 Perinatal Conference 2015, Sector:Conference


District 8 Conference project

The American Academy of Pediatrics, District 8 Section, needed a website that would help to promulgate their 39th annual conference and ease the burden of sharing information about the conference as well as collecting information about sponsors and attendees.

The site incorporates multiple forms that in turn fill database tables and send emails to the organiser when the forms are filled in. The creation of the database is used to collect information in a standardised way that has minimised the work involved in processing that information compared to free form emails.

This website is also largely created from a small database of speakers, topics and agenda items, etc. This custom template approach will allow the AAP to re-use this website with minimal expense. This approach puts small business and not-for-profit organisations in a position where thay can continue to have a fresh, relevant, compelling website in their budget range.


Looking great on all devices

This website is fully responsive on all sizes of screens. It is meaningfully well organised and easily readable on devices from large desktop monitors to a cell phone

Effectively each page has up-to four different designs that are optimised for the display that's being used. One advantage of this approach for the 'AAP' is that they did not need to invest in a seperate app for there conference as their website also works really well on a phone.

Website: Western retro, Sector:Sales and service


Western retro project

Ian was looking for a modern, responsive, website that would engage his customers and provide a location to promote the unique service he provided. The site integrates a custom website design, a user form for support of his products and provides an online community for western trap users and a branded online store. All of these parts are integrated into this site.


Product photography

At the begining of the project there was a small catalog of product images

However, many of these images were small or had distracting backgrounds. I went to the production facility for the trap parts and set up to photograph Western Retro's products. As a result we created an extensive catalog of product images. The well lit, high resolution, images were subsequently processed to completely remove background artefacts. The new catalog of images are now clean and appealing. The new product images now allow Ian's customers to really see the details of the quality and workmanship of his products. They are used in the slideshow and the online store.


Video processing and uploading

Ian already had some professionally produced video of him explaining maintenance and repair procedures. I branded these videos consistently with his site and printed media.

I created a youtube channel for Ian and took care of all the uploading and organizing of the media. The youtube channel is also linked to his website analytics, providing a broad spectrum of information about how users are interacting with his site and service media.


Online store, branded and customized

During the development process, I provided Ian with an assortment of online stores, in demo mode, to try on my server. Through Ian's experiences with the stores and his own research we finally settled on magento. Magento is free to use, so adds no extra costs to an online presenece.

I dealt with the installation and and signifacant setup and customization of the online store. The store was branded to match his website and configured to Ian's preferences.

To keep costs down Ian preferred to add his own product catalog to the store, however for each type of product I added the first item to provide a working template to follow for subsequent additions. This way he did not have to spend a lot of time learning to use the product.

This store is now a significant part of Western retro's business and allows customers to make orders 24/7. A signifacant advantage for a small business


User forum, providing support and information

The intention of the user forum was to provide a free service to the western trap using community. This forum has allowed users to communicate with and help each other. Western retro's hosting of this forum shows it's support for the wider community and increases it's social capital. This forum is free to use and does not add to the running costs of the business.

Website: Everett Petrophysics, Sector:Engineering consultancy


Robert Everett Petrophysics

Bob is a very experienced Petro-physics engineer. He provides consulting and education services in the petro-physics industry. He was looking for a website to attract more consulting work and to give potential students a taste of the course material that he teaches throughout the year.

Much of Bob's website content was provided to me by Word documents that he had worked on over the years. I converted these documents to well formed html pages and processed the extensive image catalog for efficient web use. (Note, Microsoft's convert .doc to .html operation is not appropriate for creating a modern website).

Bob's subject matter is very technical and can be dense with data examples and concepts. We worked together to create a website where this insight was presented as clearly as possible.

We did not make this website responsive as the subject matter and data was best viewed on a larger screen


Well log analysis charts

Well log analysis charts are at the core of Petrophysics. These charts are dense with information that is pertinant to the understanding of a potential well site.

Extra special care was taken to ensure that these very large images were optimised to load in a reasonable amount of time balanced against the need to ensure readability.

Each image was individually optimized for the screen. The images can also be expanded to the whole size of the web portal, filling the whole desktop with the image. This flexibility allows Bob's potential students to get the most out of the charts

Website: Hidden Valley Conservation Club, Sector:Leisure


Hidden Valley Conservation Club Project

This is the website for a 35+ year's old hunting club on Vancouver Island. The club needed a means to attract new members and keep current members up-to-date.

The website has a modern feel that immeadiately appealed to a younger group of potential members. This image enhancement and the SEO friendly design along with promotion of the site by enhancing the organic search stats lead to an immeadiate increase in membership, which had been dwindling.

I also transferred the clubs membership and contacts list to the mailchimp email list management service. Not only did this replace an adhoc cluster of email lists that were un-synchronised, it also introduced the ability to track and enhance engagement with the membership. Using a service like mailchimp can really enhance a club's ability to engage with it's members.


Images past and present

The club had an extensive back-catalog of images that had been taken over the years. These images were; scanned, enhanced with photoshop and optimised for the web. The site makes extensive use of slideshows and has embedded video from youtube. This imagery has helped demonstrate the cameraderie of the club and the beautiful environment that the activities take place in.

Website: Fastforward kennels, Sector:Sales and service


Fast Forward Kennels Project

Chris was starting up a Kennel for his life long passion of English Pointers. Chris needed a site that expose his breeding choices and his pups to a much wider audience than he could acheive by word of mouth or traditional print media.

This site provides all of the detailed information that a potential buyer might ask for by email or over the phone. The time saving factor leaves much more time for the care of the puppies rather than repeating basic information to potential clients.

Chris's site searches well and almost all of his leads come through his website. His potential customers see the progress of the pups they are interested in or have reserved through regular updates once the pups are whelped.

Let's not forget that this site is a great repository for cute puppy photos :-)


Updates: frequent but not expensive.

As soon as Chris' breeding dog has a litter he sends me lots of photos. He keeps sending me lots of photos and sometimes video on a regular basis.

Due to the very efficiant workflows I have developed and the 15 minute minmum time charge Chris is able to maintain a very relevant web presence at very little cost.

Chris get's his content to me. From there I deal with all the complexities of the web, image optimisation, searchable content, testing on multiple browsers, etc etc.

Chris has me take care of all of his web needs while he concentrates on his passion.

Website: Dogwood tree services, Sector:Sales and service


Dogwood Tree Services

Don was looking for a basic,'one pager', that conveyed the gist of what he had on yellow pages.

This site acheives just that. It has the basic information that a potential client looking to give you a call needs. It says what Don does and how he does it.

This site would not perform very well in searches particularly, due to the fairly small amount of content. However, if you're looking to get started on the web on a very reasonable budget this will work.


Starting somewhere

Envisioning your website for your business can be daunting. There always feels like you have to get it all right first time, especially with the costs! It doesn't have to be like that, you can start small and build up

The programmatic approach I use to create unique websites lends itself to easy modification and extension. This keeps time to a minimum and therefore the costs to you are much lower.